Quality Petroleum Services

Quality Petroleum Services

TRG Petroleum was founded in 1990 under the ownership and partnership of father and son. Our company was built on family values, and it is the company’s mission to use those values in all business conducted. As a family owned and operated company, our clients will always know that their business comes first. It is the owners’ priority to be active and onsite to ensure that safety, quality control, financial management, and scheduling for each job is up to our clients’ standards.

For more than 30 years, The Ridge Group has been serving the Midwest in the petroleum construction industry. We provide petroleum construction and installation to the highest quality of industry standards. We pride ourselves on being hired time and time again by leaders in the petroleum industry.

Petroleum Experts.

TRG Petroleum is dedicated to ensuring quality and safety in all the work that we do. It is our priority to work in a safe environment throughout each job that we complete. We work tirelessly to ensure that the site is safe for both employees and customers during and long after site-completion. We never leave a job without assurance that our work is completed to the highest quality and is safe and ready for use.



Ridge Petroleum owns and operates privately own excavation equipment. Using our team of fully trained and certified operators, we are highly capable of site preparation for station remodels. This includes the removal of any previous materials that the site needs to be rid of to undergo the updates specific to the job requirements.

Tank Replacement

We are experienced in replacing all products and parts of the tanking system including:

  • Tank pad
  • Tank sumps and all various parts
  • Storage tank vents
  • New motors and metallic fittings

Tank Burial

Safety and precision are our main goals during tank burial and installation. Our team of experienced laborers works hard to ensure tanks are installed and buried with precise accuracy. We have the experience to bury and install tanks of various sizes and dimensions and are confident that we are able to meet your projects’ needs.

Pipe Fitting

TRG Construction is certified and trained in all pipe-fitting procedures. We use industry standard practices to ensure the safety of the work being done, as well as the safety of the site after completion. Our vast experience allows us to meet the requirements of specific jobs as well as troubleshoot to designs to avoid future issues or complications.

Concrete Drive Pads

During station remodels, concrete drive pads are updated to ensure the safety and quality of work being accomplished. This includes the removal of the canopy drive slab, new concrete installation, and island caulking to provide a clean and updated look to the station.

Canopy Bases

Canopy bases are installed before the pump installation process. They are poured to provide a secure foundation for various canopy types and to meet local code and manufacturer inspection.

Pump Updates & Maintenance.

Our long history in the petroleum industry provides us with the experience needed to find and maintain any problems even before they occur. We are dedicated to follow the scope of work as the job provides, as well as anything else needed to ensure the work being done is of quality and industry standard.

Pump Installation

TRG Petroleum Contractors is highly skilled and qualified to install a variety of model and pump prototypes. Our history working with various vendors provides us with the experience needed to safely and efficiently install pumps of various sizes, makes, and models.

Emergency Stop

A gas station or work-site’s main cutoff switch is vital for the safety and operation of any entity working with possibly dangerous gases.  TRG Petroleum will have emergency stop buttons tested, supplied, and installed as needed.

Dispenser Upgrades

As environmental codes change, so does the petroleum service industry. When your pumping system becomes out-of-date or needs changes made to make them meet environmental standards, we can decommission your pumps and bring them up-to-date to your current needs.

Dispenser Replacement

Another option, outside of upgrades, is simply replacing your dispenser to a newer one!  TRG Petroleum is trained and capable of installing various dispenser models.

Meet Our Team.

TRG Petroleum is just one of the incredible teams at The Ridge Group. Our professionals have an eye for aesthetic detail and help construct incredible buildings from conceptualization to completion.