Taking from Concept to Reality

Taking from Concept to Reality

TRG Construction is one of three companies within The Ridge Group that takes developed concepts and turns them into perfectly executed structures. We construct everything from new builds, multi-family housing, commercial buildings, convenience stores, gas stations, tenant improvements, and more. TRG Construction has grown in the past few years thanks to excellent work and professional services provided by their expert team of building solutions experts.

Our Expertise.

TRG Construction makes the construction process easy by providing excellent work by professionals who are experts in this field.

New Builds

The Ridge Group has vast experience partnering with various companies in numerous industry. We are well known in the areas we service and have a high hire-back rate for the companies in which we work with. With a new site, we can work closely with partnering contractors to ensure quality work from start to finish.


TRG Construction owns and operates privately owned excavation equipment. Using our team of fully trained and certified operators, we are highly capable of site preparation for new construction. During the excavation process, the site is prepped and ridded of all previous materials before new construction begins.

Multi-Family Housing

TRG Construction has been a Multi-Family Housing construction company for over 20 years. We are well versed in the Multi-family housing industry and have an expertise that is unmatched. Our team of experts can build any Multi-family housing that will suit your needs and budget, no matter what type of project you’re looking to undertake!

Commercial Buildings

TRG Construction has built some of the best commercial buildings in the Midwest! We are committed to providing high quality construction services every single day while still meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and finding the most efficient ways of crossing the finish line. Every project we work on is personalized and tailored for the needs of our clientele.

Petroleum Experts.

Gas Stations

For the past 30+ years, TRG Construction has been serving the Midwest in the petroleum construction industry. We provide petroleum construction, gas station builds, pump maintenance, and installation to the highest quality of industry standards. We pride ourselves on being hired time and time again by leaders in the petroleum industry.

Tank Burial

Safety and precision are our main goals during tank burial and installation. Our team of experienced laborers works hard to ensure tanks are installed and buried with precise accuracy. We have the experience to bury and install tanks of various sizes and dimensions and are confident that we are able to meet your projects’ needs.

Pipe Fitting

TRG Construction is certified and trained in all pipe-fitting procedures. We use industry standard practices to ensure the safety of the work being done, as well as the safety of the site after completion. Our vast experience allows us to meet the requirements of specific jobs as well as troubleshoot to designs to avoid future issues or complications.

Pump Installation

TRG Petroleum Contractors is highly skilled and qualified to install a variety of model and pump prototypes. Our history working with various vendors provides us with the experience needed to safely and efficiently install pumps of various sizes, makes, and models.

Meet Our Team.

TRG Construction is just one of the incredible teams at The Ridge Group. Our professionals have an eye for aesthetic detail and help construct incredible buildings from conceptualization to completion.