Quality & Experience

TRG Development is a full-service real estate development group, who are experts in developing and funding multi-family real-estate projects from the ground up. We are comprised of hardworking individuals with a large variety of experience within initial through stabilization funding, conceptual budgets, scheduling timeline assistance, and more.

TRG Development

TRG goes through design schematic drawings and provides critical feedback to help create a more valuable sketches. We are unique and thorough in our reviews, which clients usually find very helpful.

Conceptual Budgets

When we say conceptual budget for new construction, we don’t mean guessing and making up numbers. TRG Development seeks out the specific materials and other costs necessary for a project’s plans. We also work closely with builders that specialize in sustainable building.

Scheduling Timeline Assistance

TRG Development provides all of our construction projects with scheduling timeline assistance to ensure we have a structured and efficient approach for the work that needs to be done on site.


Our developments are not just for new construction projects.  The TRG Development team can also assist any building owner or contractor with our developmental skills.

Meet Our Team.

TRG Development is just one of the incredible teams at The Ridge Group. Our professionals have an eye for aesthetic detail and help construct incredible buildings from conceptualization to completion.